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Cerec - Inlay "to go"

Do you know this? You are chewing a delicious caramel toffee and suddenly there is a funny feeling and you instantly know – the filling, the inlay or, even worse, the crow is gone! You need to see your dentist, up to now linked with several appointments because the prosthetics are produced in the foreign dental lab. As a consequence you would need to wear a tiresome interim solution. We at Luisenplatz do handle this differently!


What is a Cerec?

A Cerec is - according to necessity - a filling or an inlay or a crown made of an all-ceramic little block which is produced by means of computer-aided technology in our practice. The "cutter sharpening machine" connected to the computer produces your Cerec in less than 10 minutes.


The advantages are obvious:

You only need one appointment.

No dental impression and no interim solution necessary.

The material (all-ceramic) is esthetically perfect, it practically cannot be distinguished from naturally teeth.

An allergic person haYs no problem at all with a Cerec because all-ceramic does not provoke allergic reactions.


And last but not least:

The biggest advantage from the medical point of view is the fact that we can remove considerably less dental substance while preparing a tooth as for lab-made solutions.