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Childrens’ Treatments

Do you have children? You want the best dentist possible for your kids? And you don’t want them to fear the visit at the dentist? Then you are right with us! Our Luisenplatz team has particularly specialized in little patients. Firstly, we love working with kids and second, we see early dental information and prevention as our medical mission.

Child-oriented focus and treatment, enough time, stress-less and even playful contact with the little ones, sympathy for fears and worries of children and their parents are only some of the criteria which mark our target for dealing with children.

SpringendeKinderIstockSmall gerAmong others, our cornerstones for treating children are

Gruener zahn symbol aufzahlungCaries prophylaxis and adequate treatment


Gruener zahn symbol aufzahlungcareful filling therapy (including coulorful filling material which the kids find "kinky"!)


Gruener zahn symbol aufzahlungAccompanying treatment if your child needs braces


Gruener zahn symbol aufzahlungmouth protection for sporty kids


Gruener zahn symbol aufzahlungif requested, provision of general anaesthetic with bigger interventions in practice.


Gruener zahn symbol aufzahlungindividual nutritional consultancy