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Dental jewelry – what’s that?

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By “dental jewelry” we mean gemstones or motive foils applied by the dentist via a special adhesive technique. The little stones are produced especially for the application on natural teeth and can sometimes even be fixed on dentures. Competently attached, dental jewelry will stay about 1-2 years.

Can dental jewelry be removed?

Of course - but please only at the dentist’s! After removing the gemstone the tooth surface will be polished very well, because the glue will leave little rough spots. Finally the complete tooth will be fluoridated in order to protect it from caries.

And one more advice for concerned parents:

Dear parents, be happy if your kid "only" wants a little gemstone for a tooth - a piercing is much worse and leaves everlasting marks on the body. Dental jewelry is totally different - given that you don’t try it yourself and pay attention to your dental hygiene.