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Bleaching with the laser?

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Almost everybody understand the concept of “bleaching” – this literally means the bleaching or brightening of teeth by means of a special gel. Bleaching by laser is the most modern and effective method to reward yourself with dazzling white teeth. The laser light activates the effectiveness of the bleaching agent, hence, the chemical substance can be removed considerably sooner. Thus, laser bleaching is much more protectice but also shows even better results than conventional bleaching.




And the spot is gone !

Impressum gerIn most cases teeth discolorations are caused by colorants in black tea, coffee, red wine or cigarettes. But of course there are also discolorations by taking meds or simply age-related changes of tooth shade. “Dead” teeth (i. e. after treatment of the root) often change color, too. Laser-Bleaching is the tailor-made solution.

A small advice to the end:

Bleaching is a great thing, everybody is keen on a dazzling smile. But this procedure absolutely belongs to experts! We urgently advise against tv offers for the use at home or of beauty centers! Misapplied or too often used, the bleaching agent will endanger your dental health. Unprofessionally applied, the agent will burn the dental enamel so massively that in the end your tooth will be destroyed. Leave the beauty of your teeth to the professionals...really…