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Once in a while a little nap…

You hate the feeling that someone is “fumbling around” your mouth? You absolutely dislike injections, drills, aspirators? You would rather take a nap during the whole treatment? No problem! Due to the long lasting cooperation with an experienced anesthetist we can offer general anesthesia in our rooms. The general anesthesia is performed by paying attention to the latest state of the scientific and technical medical knowledge, only the most modern, very lightl anesthetics are used. Therefore, unpleasant side effects like sickness, nausea or confusion can almost be excluded. Of course you will be monitored constantly. These modern anesthesias don’t require a hospital stay, i.e. only 1-2 hours after the treatment you can leave the practice.

Who might want a general anesthesia?

Patients suffering from dentist phobia often ignore their aches and pains because they fear the treatment. Here the "small nap " a big help! And often children get general anesthetic, for instance when baby teeth have to be extracted/operated due to big caries defects.