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LASER – light instead of drilling

Already in 2001 we at Luisenplatz decided to offer the advantages of the laser technology for our patients. At that time we could already cover all aspects of surgery with that laser (diode laser). Meanwhile, industrial research has not stopped of course and we, also, have constantly improved our expertise. In 2006 we were the first practice in Wiesbaden to install a "key laser". This device enables us to prepar dental fillings “contact free” which means the patient does not feel any bare hand contact. Today, both laser devices with their different possibilities are substantial part and parcel of our daily work.

New dimension with Laser

teaser 8165 b200 ger"Mommy, Mommy, he has not drilled at all!" - new dimensions with laser 

Many patients feel very much disturbed by the "drilling noises" and vibrations occurring during the preparation of their teeth. Our Key laser enables us to remove caries defects without drilling. The special composition (spectrum) of the Key laser light enables a distinction between hard and soft substances which means it only works on teeth but not on the gums! Therefore any risk of injury is completely excluded. Also, by the very bright laser light caries which otherwise was hardly visible for the human eye can now easily be diagnosed and treated.

Unlike to conventional treatment with a drill, the Key laser removes much less dental substance, so this procedure is much more careful for your teeth. So from now on – Caries? Not a big deal!

Why laser treatment?

  • laser drilling means contact-free drilling without any manual forces
  • also areas difficultly to reach can be treated
  • disturbing noises and vibrations belong to the past
  • treatment time is significantly reduced, patients suffer much less pain because nerve fibers are hardly irritated
  • Laser drilling protects fabric and tooth
  • In addition, bacteria responsible for caries emergence are devitalized

Laser - Never again without...

Among others, the Key Laser can be used for the following indications:

  • Caries preparation
  • Periodontisis treatment
  • Root-end resection
  • Root canal sterilizing and drying (Endodontology)
  • immediate sterilization during all surgical measures
  • Implant dissection
  • Removing herpes, aphtha,fibroma or abscess
  • Excison of gum overgrowth
  • Diastema (frenulum of upper or lower lip)
  • ectopic wisdom teeth
  • gum modellation
  • fissure sealing
  • treatment of oversensitive tooth necks
Bye Bye, Bleeding! 
And another invaluable advantage: strong bleedings belong to the past, since we don’t need stitches. And therefore, no stitches have to be taken out!