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Periodontosis – a widespread disease

Can you still bite a crisp apple without pain and without your gums starting to bleed? You can brush your teeth thoroughly, use interdental brushes and dental floss without bleeding? Congratulations, most probably you don’t suffer from periodontosis ! In this case your chances to remain your teeth healthy till the old age are great. Did you know that reason number one for adolescent dental loss is not caries but periodontosis?

Your gums do often bleed or brushing your teeth hurts? Well, you might suffer from periodontosis! Periodontosis is an inflammatory disease (!) and is caused by bacteria which remain on your teeth and proliferate with insufficient oral hygiene. Non-removed bacteria depositions harden and cause tartar which cannot be removed with the toothbrush any more. If left unchecked, the fibers which anchor the tooth in the bone will be destroyed and cause a so-called "pouch", filled with bacteria and finally totally inflamed. If this disease remains undetected, or is not treated, the decreasing process can continue – in the end the tooth loosens and precipitates.


What to do if you already suffer from periodontosis?

Don’t worry, we can fight the periodontosis. And the frightening stories of former times, when gums had to be incised in order to clean the pouches which at first caused terribly pain and second needed sewing, belong to the past. Since we treat the periodontosis by laser! Not only the "martial" interventions described above are obsolete, we also reach by far higher asepsis in the pouches and therefore an optimized result.

To avoid a time-consuming, cost-intensive and exhausting periodontisis treatment or in order to maintain the healthy status after a treatment, you only need 3 things: regular control, perfect oral hygiene at home and by a dental hygienist in the practice. And to keep your head free for other things, we are happy to offer our recall service on your request.