Childrens’ Preventive Dentistry Generation
Treatments for adults „plus“

Why do we need special prophylaxis for kids?

Childrens’ teeth are put at different risks - hidden sugar in drinks and food attack the dental enamel and can easily cause damages. Juvenile dental enamel is not resistant enough to fight “ Carius and Bactus" . And of course toothbrushing habits of kids cannot be compared to those of adults. In addition, it is hardly known that most damages to adults’ teeth derive from childhood and youth - therefore it is extremely important to get over this critical dental-medical phase without damages.

A big role plays the Propyhlaxe also if her child is treated pine-orthopaedic. Exactly here is a top hygiene of the biggest importance, so that the nicely directed teeth do not become equally ill. Also, if your child needs braces preventive dentistry is of udmost importance. Only the best possible oral hygiene guarantees that the “new arranged” teeth stay nice and healthy.


What can we do for your kids?

Training with Bronco

WLA 7954 400 gerYour child will be trained in handling the hand or electric toothbrush by practical and playful exercises. For this occasion we can count on the help of Bronco, our toothbrushing horse!

Hardening dental enamel

In order to harden the dental enamel of your child we use fluorine.

Sealing your molars

The molars of your child, where caries can develop so easily, are sealed regularly

Improving cleaning behavior

AnniundKind gerWe use two-tone plaque disclosing tablets in order to show the child where it can improve its cleaning behavior. Seeing these red stains or even heavy plaques is in most cases very impressive to kids.