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As time goes by …

Many things change in life, especially when we are getting older. What was easy before might get difficult some day. Often this is valid for the appropriate care of teeth or dentures. Therefore, our team pays special attention to senior patients`prophylaxis. After all, in your later years you want to be as healthy, fit and attractive as possible!


Generation “plus” – what’s the difference?

Often the vision worsens, dental plaque simply can’t be seen any more. In addition, reduction of mobility in general and of your hands in particular might be a problem. As a result dental hygiene in many cases deteriorates which causes the risk of caries and periodontitis.

For this reason it is important to explain und show elderly patients how to use special brushes properly. Of course the hygiene status should be controlled regularly and when necessarynd a dental hygienist should care for your teeth. And of course we can help with the cleaning of dentures or prostheses.