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No pain, no gain? Not at all!

Teeth need 3 things:

Actually, it is not difficult at all:

1. You brush your teeth thoroughly and regularly

2. You see your dentist every 6 months

3. You see your dental hygienist regularly

Why should I ?

If we don’t care for our teeth regularly we will get severe and long lasting problems: bacteria won’t be removed and cause dental plaque, tartar and, finally, caries. Plaque and tartar cause gum inflammations and in worst cases even periodontal abscesses. At first, caries destroys the dental surface. Not checked, bacteria penetrate into the dental inside. In this stadium "Carius and Bactus" will definitely cause bigger treatments. Ouch!

And even if we "only" talk about beauty: Stained teeth and bad breath simply do not match with a neat appearance. By the way - did you know that the human brain decides in only three seconds whether we like or dislike a person we get to know? So it is obvious: appearance rules!

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