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One for all and all for one!

Even the best and most modern dental medicine is useless if appropriate dental care at home and regular checkups in the practice are missing. Regular, thorough dental care in combination with semi-annual controlling visits as well as professional cleaning will help you to preserve your teeth during your life time.

What can we do for you to support this aim?

In our practice we stand for professional and modern dental medicine which is based on the following treatment fields which belong to our service spectrum:


  • teaser 8165 b200 gerThe application of laser technology is suitable and of great advantage for preserving treatment, surgery, endodontology (treatment of roots), periodontology (treatment of gums) and implantology.
  • UKnachherProsthodontics - partly in our own lab and, in addition, in thoroughly-chosen dental labs. Here we trustin long-lasting, successful cooperation and not in "saving proposals" of the health insurance companies. We want to know who works on your dentures and personal contact to the different companies is an absolute “must have”.
  • 3DeXam mitmodel2Modern radiology (x-rays) - lowest radiation exposure for your and our health
    pedodentistry - the treatment of children requires extraordinary empathy, patience and sensitivity. Our whole team is very well trained in this field.
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    Die Behandlung von Kindern erfordert besonders viel Einfühlungsvermögen, Geduld und Sensibilität. Hierfür ist das gesamte Team bestens ausgebildet.
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    Prophylaxis - we offer professional teeth-cleaning, individual care instructions, splint therapy, microbiological germ determination. Detailed documentation and controlling appointments are most importante to achieve long-term successful results.
  • Impressum gerLast but not least, esthetics may not be forgotten: composite fillings; inlays from ceramics or gold; ceramic veneers; amalgam exchange; bleaching of the teeth; dental jewelry.