Cerec – Inlay “to go”

Cerec – Inlay or crown “to go”

Oh my… a crown, an inlay, a filling is needed. Appointments again! And an  a cumbersome temporary denture! And then additional costs for the external laboratory! Well, I’m not in the mood for that…

I don’t feel like it…” This is certainly the way many patients think. We have been offering Cerec for more than 20 years.

Cerec? Never heard of it?

A Cerec is a filling, an inlay or a crown made of an all-ceramic Block and is manufactured cad-cam technology in our practice. The intraoral camera transmits the data of the necessary restoration solution to a special computer, which in turn transmits it to a “grinding machine“. After about 20 minutes, your inlay or crown is ready. The crown or inlay is then colored in our laboratory and fired in a special furnace and fired in a special furnace, so that there is no difference to your natural tooth color is visible. In the meantime, you sit comfortably in our waiting room and drink a cup of coffee. No more appointments and, most importantly, no temporary. Sounds unbelievable?

But it’s true!

The advantages are obvious

  • You come to the practice only once.
  • You don’t need an impression or a temporary restoration.
  • The material (all-ceramic) offers perfect aesthetics, it is practically indistinguishable from your own tooth. from your own tooth.
  • The Cerec is perfect for allergy sufferers, as it does not trigger any defense mechanisms of the body’s defense mechanisms.
  • There are no third-party laboratory costs.

And most importantly, from a medical point of view, the biggest advantage is that we need to prepare preparation of the tooth is that we have to remove considerably less tooth substance than with laboratory-made solutions. At Luisenplatz, we believe that nothing is as good as the is as good as your own tooth. That is why we always work as minimally invasive as necessary in order to achieve to achieve the most tooth-preserving results possible. “Still waiting? Just visit our dentist in Wiesbaden and give us the opportunity to brighten your teeth again.”