For me please once perfect teeth !

If you want to be successful in today’s society, you can’t avoid a well-groomed appearance. We pay attention not only to clothes and hair – especially the teeth are given a great importance. Unfortunately, not everyone has naturally brilliant white teeth that are perfectly lined up “like on a string of pearls”. But fortunately there is us – we know a few “tricks” that can fulfill your dream of a perfect set of teeth!

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Enamel formation disorders can be hereditary, caused by injury or violence, or due to poor nutrition. Let us advise you if there is a solution. Possibly, a treatment with veneers is also indicated.

Teeth whitening is a simple and safe method to lighten dark and yellow teeth. Even stains that can be caused by heavy smoking, drinking tea and red wine, or even taking medication are removed by bleaching. There are different bleaching methods. What they all have in common is that active oxygen in various concentrations lighten the enamel.




In so-called home bleaching, a dental splint is made, which the patient applies a bleaching gel to and wears at night. We strongly advise against this procedure. Bleaching belongs in professional hands!