It seems to me that

what we call beauty in a face

 lies in the smile.

-Leo Tolstoy-


Our team trusts the following principles:

Nothing is as good as your own healthy tooth. Therefore we represent a

dentistry of lifelong tooth preservation.


Functionality and aesthetics are inseparable parts of dental health.


Quality, safety and progress are a matter of course for us – after all, it is your health that is at stake. Ongoing training of the “boss” and assistants quarantees that treatment methods are always up to date.


We feel responsible for your teeth and therefore use only high-quality, well-tolerated materials. In addition, we have been working for many years only with professional and selected dental laboratories. At home and abroad!


We feel good when you feel good.  Therefore, we want you to feel comfortable with us. This starts with the way we deal with each other and continues with the design of our premises. Here we have attached great importance to a “feel”-good ambience”.

         We want you to feel comfortable with us!