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Veneers – perfect smile in the twinkling of an eye

Aesthetic dentistry focuses on whitening discolored teeth, correcting the shape of teeth, restoring teeth with tooth-colored materials and cosmetic gum corrections.

Veneers (or veneers) are one of several options in this regard. Veneers are transparent, i.e. translucent, ultra-thin ceramic shells that are attached to the upper surface of the tooth with a special adhesive.

They can be used in a variety of ways: veneers can be used to correct slight tooth misalignments, gaps between teeth, unsatisfactory tooth colors or local discolorations. This gives the visible surfaces of the teeth a perfect, flawless appearance.

Of course, the respective tooth color is individually optimized during this procedure. One of the outstanding advantages of veneers is the minimal loss of substance. In the case of a crown restoration, for example, about 3-4 millimeters of the affected tooth must be ground off (that’s 40% in some cases!) Healthy tooth substance is lost unnecessarily in the process.


No, they are still your own teeth, they are just partially coated with ceramic. This ceramic material has largely identical physical properties to natural tooth enamel, i.e. not only the optical properties, but also the surface texture, thermal conductivity and thermal expansion behavior correspond to those of a natural tooth. Therefore, this material is not perceived as foreign. The fact that it takes some time after treatment to get used to the new situation is rather due to the minor changes in the shape of the tooth that are often associated with it for esthetic reasons.

A veneer restoration is basically not cheap and, as everywhere, there are of course great differences in quality, workmanship and material, accordingly the prices also differ. Ultimately, the overall result depends largely on the experience and art of the practitioner, taking into account all factors for each individual patient from the sum of the possibilities to achieve the optimal individual aesthetic result. As is so often the case, the rule is: “You get what you pay” and a first-class, individual aesthetic treatment will always be significantly more expensive than a 08/15 mass-produced restoration. However, because veneer restorations are made in most cases to achieve an aesthetic improvement, you should think twice before settling for a second- or third-class restoration just to save money. Therefore, we calculate the costs individually depending on the effort. Please feel free to talk to us.



As with all cosmetic procedures and most dental treatments, health insurance does not normally cover the cost of treatment. We recommend a special supplementary dental insurance for this. We are also happy to offer the possibility of payment in installments Please feel free to talk us.