Bleaching with the laser?​

Today, almost everyone is familiar with the term “bleaching” – we understand it literally as “bleaching”, i.e. whitening, the teeth with the help of a special gel. Bleaching with a laser is the most modern and fastest method of restoring a brilliant white appearance to your teeth. The laser light activates the effectiveness of the bleaching gel, therefore the chemical substance can be removed from the teeth much sooner. Laser bleaching is therefore not only gentler on the teeth, but also achieves even better results than conventional bleaching procedures!

And the stain is gone!

In most cases, discoloration on the teeth comes from the colorants contained in stimulants (black tea, coffee, red wine, cigarettes). However, there is also discoloration due to medication and age-related color changes. Often, root-treated, i.e. dead, teeth also become discolored. Laser bleaching is the optimal solution.

A little advice in conclusion:

Bleaching is a great thing, we all want to be able to show the brightest smile possible. But the procedure absolutely belongs in the dental practice! We strongly advise against offers from TV commercials for home application or from beauty institutes! Used incorrectly or too often, the whitening gel endangers your dental health. Used improperly, the gel will corrode the enamel so much that eventually the tooth will be destroyed. So it is really better to leave the beauty of your teeth to the professionals…


Disorders of enamel formation can be inherited, caused by injury or violence, or be due to poor nutrition. Let us advise you whether there is a solution. It may also be advisable to have veneers fitted.

Teeth whitening is a simple and safe method to lighten dark and yellow teeth. Even stains that can be caused by heavy smoking, drinking tea and red wine or even “taking medication” are removed by bleaching. There are different bleaching methods. What they all have in common is that active oxygen in various concentrations lighten the enamel.

Before whitening therapy, it is essential to have your teeth professionally cleaned. Here, in addition to plaque, superficial tooth discoloration is already removed. Only then is the bleaching performed. A realistic prognosis for teeth whitening is that the teeth will be 1 to 2 levels lighter on the color scale after bleaching.
The success of the treatment depends, among other things, on the dental care at home. Diet and the consumption of e.g. nicotine, teein or red wine can also negatively influence the tooth color again.