Dental Jewlery

Dental jewelry is gemstones or motif foils that are applied by the dentist using a special adhesive technique. The stones are specially made to be attached to natural teeth and some can even be attached to dentures. When professionally applied, dental jewelry will adhere for about one to two years.

Of course – but please only by the dentist! During removal, the surface of the tooth is polished smooth again, because there will be a small rough spot where the adhesive was applied. Then, the entire tooth is fluoridated to prevent cavities from forming.

Dear parents, be happy if your offspring “only” wants a gemstone for the tooth – a piercing is worse and leaves permanent marks on the body. This is not the case with tooth jewelry – provided you don’t “lay hands” on it yourself and pay attention to dental care.

If you would like to add more sparkle to your smile, simply consult an appointment with us.