Causes of dental prosthesis

Dental prosthesis is understood as all measures that serve the complete restoration of a gap dentition. The causes of missing teeth are manifold, mostly they had to be extracted because of severe caries or gum disease (periodontosis). However, dentures may also become necessary after accidents or when teeth do not develop properly.

When are dentures necessary?

Tooth replacement is necessary to restore the chewing function and to avoid possible consequential damage to the remaining teeth, the temporomandibular joints, the jaw bone or the masticatory muscles.

Due to a missing tooth, for example, tooth tilting, tooth migration, bone resorption or temporomandibular joint disorders may occur.

Aesthetics also play an important role in tooth replacement, as missing front teeth or sunken cheek areas in particular can adversely change the facial expression.

Prosthetic possibilities of tooth replacement

Prosthetic options for tooth replacement include:

  • crowns
  • partial crowns
  • bridges
  • partial dentures
  • complete dentures

The materials for dentures are very different, non-precious metal, precious metal, gold, plastic or ceramic can be used. Dentures without metal content can be made in our practice in most cases, our technicians have many years of experience with partial and full dentures as well as their repairs. Partial and full crowns made of ceramics are also no problem – Cerec makes it possible.

Cooperation with quality laboratories

All other work is shipped to quality laboratories – either directly in Wiesbaden or overseas on request. Here, too, we have long-standing best contacts, so you can be sure about the quality of work and origin of materials.