"The ravages of time" -
with us it stays beautiful!

As we get older, many things in life change. What used to be a matter of course may become more difficult with increasing age. This also often applies to the care of teeth or dentures. That’s why we pay special attention to prophylaxis for seniors in our practice. After all, you not only want to be healthy and fit in later years, but also have a well-groomed appearance!


What is different with the Plus Generation?

Often, vision deteriorates, coatings and impurities are simply no longer detected. In addition, there is a decline in mobility in general and of the hands in particular. The consequence in many cases is a deterioration in dental hygiene, which naturally leads to an increase in the risk of caries and especially periodontal disease.

For this reason, it is important to advise and train older patients in particular in the correct use of special brushes during prophylaxis sessions. Of course, the hygiene status should be checked regularly and, if necessary, a professional dental cleaning (PZR) should be performed. And we are also actively at your side when it comes to caring for removable dentures!