To those insured by the statutory health insurance funds: If you go to the dentist regularly, it’s easy to smile! A fully maintained bonus booklet is worth a lot of money. And you certainly don’t want to give anything away, do you?

Whether it’s a crown, bridge or prosthesis: the annual stamp in the bonus booklet ensures that your health insurance company will subsidize the treatment costs of the standard treatment more. From five years of regular preventive care, there is a bonus of 10% on the so-called standard treatment in addition to the fixed subsidy (60% since October 2020). From ten years, the bonus increases to 15%.

ATTENTION: In case of interruption “back from lot”! Missing the examination once within the 10-year period can have no consequences. The prerequisite is sufficient justification to the health insurance company as to why the patient was unable to visit the dentist during the year or half-year in question. If you interrupt more than once, you have to start all over again and lose your bonus entitlement.

So make sure you remember your annual check-up, secure your bonus and make an appointment now. Saving money can be so easy – get your stamp by the end of the year!

We look forward to seeing you!

Note: You can get a bonus booklet from the age of 12. Children and adolescents have to be checked twice a year until the age of 18 if they want the bonus. Adults only once.r

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